Is Pinterest Just For Girls?

Pinterest is a photo sharing website which allows users to upload, save, sort and manage images known as pins on a virtual pinboard.  These images vary in anything from fashion/ health/decor and more. A Picture paints a thousand words” has never been a more accurate statement in describing Pinterest.  It is currently the third largest social media site behind facebook and twitter. “It has been reported that 56% of British users are male, however despite these findings Pinterest is still very much a female social media site.  The majority of its users are female and curent surveys confirm that at least 60% (some claiming up to 87%) of its total users are female.

The people who Pin

I personally believe that pinterest is definitely aimed at the female population, everything from its design to the colours used (red script logo) are extremely feminine.

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest itself reinforces this gender imbalance in it’s about section by stating that “Pinterest lets you organise and share all the beautiful things on the web.”  Furthermore it goes on to describe that “people use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes and share their favourite recipes”.  On reading these statements and also quickly browsing through is most popular pins one can quickly determine that this site is purely targeting the female demographic.

Numerous copycat sites mimicking the Pinterest theme have sprung up recently having identified a niche in the market for a male alternative to Pinterest. The concept behind Pinterest is excellent however it is currently failing to attract male users. These sites such as Manteresting and Dartitup  have adopted the Pinterest theme but made their sites more “manly”.  Their use of phrases such as “Nail it” (Manteresting) or “Dart it” (Dartitup) teamed with their categories such as Tech toys, Sports sections or Gross will appeal to a far wider male demographic than Pinterest

Many local and international media have also focused on Pinterest being to “Girly” and have released articles offering more “Manly Alternatives”  

Many believe that because Facebook had the ability to expand as a site which was once only available in Universities that Pinterest will also be able to follow suit and expand into the male market.  I do not believe this to be the case as Pinterest from the outset have disadvantaged themselves by being gender biassed. Social media sites such as Facebook and twitter have always been gender neutral sites allowing them to consistently expand through different sectors.  However with Pinterest having distinguishing themselves from the outset as female site they have already isolated themselves from 50% of the population.  This I feel will be too difficult a market section to recover from along with the fact that their website does not in any way entice male usage.

I personally feel that Pinterest should embrace its new-found status and focus on its seducing its existing users further rather than focusing on breaking the male market.  The site is currently a female haven where women can share ideas without being ridiculed by male comments or judgement. This I feel is one of the main reasons the site has become such a success in the first place.  I feel that an upset in the current format or becoming more male orientated would be detrimental to its current female based clientele.